Another year’s over

It’s done. Another year is over. Again. Time to look back at…

No, it’s too common to look back. Everybody looks back at the past but the past is past. It’s over. That’s why it is called past. What was cannot be changed. But the future can probably be changed. So let us pick our chrystal ball and have a look at what we should not miss in 2019.

Music, movies, books – the year 2019 will most likely bring a lot of new things. There won’t be time for everything so one has to make choices. What must be heared, seen or read in any case? It’s a good idea to think about it in advance. So let me give you my Top 5 of the most important things to happen in 2019.

#5 Subway to Sally – “Hey!”

Nearly five years have past since one of the best German rockbands released their last album. At least if you leave out live albums. This march now the next studio work is coming: “Hey!”

It’s a short title, in fact the shortest one ever. But what does the length of the title say? Nothing. Absolutly nothing. More interesting is what’s in it and this is, where things become a bit tricky. The last one didn’t really catch me.

The sample Subway to Sally is giving us makes me want to hear the rest. At least the first single, “Königin der Käfer” (Queen of the bugs), seems to go a bit back to the roots without sticking in the past. If the album keeps the promise of the single, I might pay the Huxley’s a visit at April 11th and see the band live again after a long time.

So how does the single sound? This way:

#4 Avengers: Endgame

One last time the Avengers are running over the big screen to save the world and the universe. One last time I will watch them in cinema for their story isn’t told to the end. Somehow there must be a happy end for Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Groot has to come back somehow. A universe without Groot is possible but without any sense. And what the hell is it with Hulk?

With “Endgame” an era ends. Marvel is closing phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first trailer doesn’t promise too much, doesn’t tell too much. But I guess this next movie will be as colourful as the rest. So this one last movie will be seen. But after that there will be an end to it. At least to me. We’re in the endgame, at the finale. One should make an end when it’s at the best and I believe, the Marvel movies have reached the zenith (as we say in Germany).

#3 Middle age and Phantasy

Actually I wanted to put Star Wars Episode IX onto the list. But to be honest Episode VIII wasn’t all too bad but also not really convincing. There are better things.

One of those better things is the “Mittelalter und Phantasy Spectaculum” (the Middle Age and Fantansy Spectaculum). In short: MPS

Dear friends of medieval culture and music, pay a visit to the MPS if you can. In June 2019 the festival stopps again in Hoppegarten at the borders of Berlin. It’s a must-visit for fans of Middle Age in and around and visiting Berlin.

#2 Leipzig Book Fair

In 2018 it took me the first time to the Frankfurt Book Fair. It’s been the hell of a travel. Too little space in the bus and too far to travel by car. But march will come and with march comes the Leipzig Book Fair. Leipzig is closer to Berlin.

What do I expect? Maybe a little less after Frankfurt. But there will be new books and with a little luck the chance to meet the one or the other author. We’ll see.

#1 The book oft he year: “Empire of Grass”

May will come and I will visit my new favourite book seller “Otherland” to order part two of “The Last King of Osten Ard”. After reading “The Witchwood Crown”, being the first book of Tad Williams I’ve ever read, I am caught by the works of the author.

Seldom I experienced such a dense atmosphere like in the stories of Tad Williams. George R. R. Martin comes close but even the great master Tolkien doesn’t reach Mr. Williams. His new book must not remain in the shelf though the story of the Witchwood Crown isn’t told to its end even in the least. It has just begun.

So these are the five most important things to to, watch, here and read. My five most important things. What do you expect of 2019? If you like to tell me and the world, you might be so kind to leave a comment below the post.

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