Another year’s over

It’s done. Another year is over. Again. Time to look back at… No, it’s too common to look back. Everybody looks back at the past but the past is past. It’s over. That’s why it is called past. What was cannot be changed. But the future can probably be changed….

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To the fair – an announcement

It is october. Each year in october the world of the reading and the writing meets in Frankfurt/Main and this year I’ll visit the Frankfurt Book Fair too.

So stay tuned for I’ll give you a few impressions tomorrow on Twitter and a full report here in the next days.

Mister We

Hello world!

Hello world! It’s me, Mister We. Yes, I’m the same Mister We, who normally hangs around full of heavy thoughts at the Gdnodds. I greet You, world, and I welcome You at the home of my not so heavy thoughts ’bout things, that make our world more colorful, distract us…

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