About this site

When I started to use the internet not only as a consumer 8 years ago but to give my own thoughts to the world, I also gave my thoughts to the one or the other film. As the place, where I did this, actually is a place for my own works in rhyme and in prose, the reviews of movies seemed a bit off topic, as we’re saying nowadays. So the reviews one day vanished.

But still I didn’t give up the thought to give my opinion about movie pictures but also about books. Then again I thought to myself there are things, that could follow: concerts, theatre, everything that’s culture to me.

And exactly this is the purpose of this blog.

I am Mister We. Herr We in German. It is not about the ‘we’ as us all, it is just the German pronunciation of my name’s first letter. I’m a thinker and writer at the little Gdnodds (a german thinkers blog) and a hobbist author of poetry and short stories (mostly in German) at Mordreds Tales. If there is something cultural moving me (in good or in bad), I’ll put it here – reviews of books and films, impressions of concerts, even general thoughts about culture, be it the modern one or the classic.

In that sense I beg You to remain curious and visit me as often as possible (a virtual cup of coffee will always be ready for You) –
Mr. We

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